History '81 - '97

It all began in 1981 when the band was founded as WERWOLF by Ralf Strunk(g,v),Peter Schwarzkopf (g), Anja Strunk (b) und Ralf Steuer (dr).After some problems with the line-up the four selfmade musicians began to step into the spotlights with classical Metal influenced by bands like Judas Priest. Schönberg '84
Bunker '85 In 1985 they faced the first split when after the departure of basswoman Anja Strunk the band needed a new line-up.
While in Sönke Harms (Ex-Metal Force) a new bass player was found,
Ralf Strunk quit, inspired by a short interplay of Marko Brocks (Grinning Sinner), playing guitars to be fully concentrated on the Vocals.
Until 1990 those four still used to play british style Metal, when the loss of the bassman made changes evident.

With Jan Setzer (Ex-Cillvic Drowg) on Bass and under the influence of bands like Queensryche and Watchtower, the style of the band turned into a real progressive direction. The arrangements got more complicated and even with the conceptional contents they stepped into new directions.

The '91 Comeback made all the memories of former times fade away, the band had fought it's place in the thinking league of Metal.
The line-Up with Ralf Steuer (drums), Jan Setzer (bass), Peter Schwarzkopf (guitars) und Ralf Strunk (voices) from now on was a synonym for a continous rise in quality.

In August '92 fate was finally sealed for the name Werwolf. Under the impression of Nazi-terrors at Rostock and for the fact that there was a band of nearly the same name in the right scene it was decided to rename the band.

August 29, 1992 Ralf Strunk
Ralf Strunk


August 29, 1992 Peter Schwarzkopf
Peter Schwarzkopf
August 29, 1992 Ralf Steuer
Ralf Steuer

On august 29th 1992 the four musicians played for the very first time under the new name at Lübeck's Rider's Cafe.

WARSTONE was born.    

During the following years the band stayed real innovative and used to inspire with a powerful show. The musicial maturity grew with every new song, with concepts as the central fixes in every new programme.

August 29, 1992 Jan Setzer
Jan Setzer

Early 1995 seemed to show the end of WARSTONE. During the recordings for the (unreleased) 'Wrong Word'-demo Peter Schwarzkopf left the band.
The quest for a replacement should take one year.
But when WARSTONE entered stage in spring '97 introducing new guitar player Mario Bruns (Ex-Lifeblind) and a new programme, the audience stood open mouthed...

The band showed in music and technique an unexpected raise, which showed that the ambition of the four musicians did not fade through all the fatal changes.
The return to the stage of progressive hard music was perfect and a retirement is definitely not in sight.


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